POLYMANIA 2019 - Shop

Here is a small selection of tools for Polymania 2019. 

Orders may be placed/paid for in advance.  Mark your order 'collection only' and put Polymania in the comments box.

Included are two leaf shaped cutters, for a wider selection of cutters go to 'cutters - singles' or 'cutters - sets'

 Sylvie - Macro cutters (2cm cutter) / Drill bits 1mm and 2mm will be on sale at Polymania, probably not ging on the website.

 Olga - Micro cutters (7.8 / 8.32 cutters) / Mini dril bits (0.6mm - 1.2mm) / Stainless steel wire 22g (0.71 s/steel wire) 12cm supplied free 

 Debbie - Stainless steel soaps (smoothing tool and burnishing tool) / large leaf cutters plenty to choose from.