Hi everyone, we are 2 polymer clay enthusiasts, Ann (mum) and Jude (daughter).  We have been exploring and creating with polymer clay since we found the LPCG 2007, just days after Jude's 21st birthday.

The website name comes from Ann's nieces (Ann was very much that aunt when they were younger).  Jude made our logo by laying extruded polymer clay on a white tile.  We still have the original artwork, and Jude says she wouldn't have been able to draw it.

Ann particularly loves seeking out non-standard clay tools, both for our personal use and for others to enjoy.  We will not be selling clay, as our good friend Penny (of clayaround.co.uk) has this well covered.  

We aim to provide you with the more obscure items you might need.  Our range began with inspiration from Julie Picarello's book 'Patterns in Polymer'.  In the book, Julie suggests seeking out unusually shaped pipes to make deep impressions in Mokume Gane stacks.  We then expanded to include cutters, our lightweight work surfaces, and various other items.  We are always on the lookout for exciting new products, so if you would like to be updated please sign up to our [mailing list](<insert URL here>)

Ann and Jude

Jude and Ann, pictured with the cake we made for the LPCG's 9th Birthday meeting (29th May 2016). Ann baked the cake and Jude took care of the icing with a little help from Ann and Ginger, when more hands were needed. The pattern is made up of Skinner blended sugar icing in magenta and blue, using a pasta machine reserved for food only.  

And the group photo of the attending LPCG members at the 9th Birthday clay day.  For us this was a very special weekend as we had the pleasure of having Ginger Davis Allman (Blue Bottle Tree) and her husband Gary stay at our house the night before the clay day.

Both photos taken by Gary.

  Jude and clay friends at a South of the River clay day (Feb 2016). In creative chaos.  

Here is our cheeky cat Asbo. Ann set up a space to take photos, turned round to pick up her camera, only to find Asbo sitting in amoungst her jewellery. Obviously he just had to be used as a model. Sadly he is no longer with us.