WOODEN PRINTING BLOCKS:  NOT AVAILBLE AT THIS TIME - Our range of wooden printing blocks are sourced direct from India.  They are carved in hard woods by hand, so some very minor difference may occur in the patterns carved.  These are can be used for Mokume Gane and texturing.  Textured pieces work well with Pan Patels, other guilding treatments should be good too.   

LACES:   Our selection of lace has been chosen for their interesting patterns and variety of depths.  We have had fun testing these.

The standard laces are all good for texturing.  Some can be used for Mokume Gane and/or back fill.  The tulles leave a pleasing fine mottled texture around the main pattern.  The thicker laces are good for Mokume Gane and deep texture

FABRICS:  Our fabrics all great from texturing, some can also be used for Mokume Gane.


PLASTIC WRAP:  Perfect for using as a release agent for our laces and fabrics.  Use between polymer clay and lace/fabric, then run through a pasta machine.

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